A veil balayage is about colouring the pieces of hair that sit on top of the rest of the hair. We focus on lightening these pieces so they pop while they're sat on darker hair beneath them. It also creates a really natural look as this is where the sunlight hits the hair. 

By focusing only on the top sections of hair, it creates a balayage look without the long hours being spent in the salon, it's less money & a really natural grow out. 


The information

Who is it for?

Veil Balayage is a perfect option for someone who is wanting to dip their toes into the world of balayage without the full commitment.

What to expect?

Veil balayage has been packaged up with everything you need to walk away with healthy, beautiful hair. Including a partial balayage, cut, toner, blowdry & styling. 

Products used

We use a brilliant lightener called Power Blonde by Keune that really gives light results with a good canvas. We use Redken Shades EQ as our toner.


The toner will last 12-24 washes and can easily be topped up if needed but the balayage will last until it grows out. It will grow out very naturally and can be covered if needed.

After Care 

Colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Silver Saviour Shampoo & Conditioner for blondes.

Heat protection

Sun UV protection if on holiday

Cost & Time in Salon

This service takes around 3 hours.

Prices start from £160

THE Consultation

At the consultation, we will discuss blonde placement, toners, warm and cool tones, set expectations & aftercare. 

We will offer you a patch test if required.

Please feel free to provide us with photo as inspiration of the desired look. 

We offer standard colour consultations but we also offer hair advice consultations at £30 and can be redeemed on any products bought on the day.