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Sage Hair Salon is an Eco-Luxe salon. We do not take this title lightly and we do absolutely everything we can to ensure we run as sustainably but effectively as possible. Gemma owned a home salon before opening Sage & was just as dedicated to being an environmentally friendly business then as she is today. 

Heres an overview of what we do at Sage to reduce our footprint on this planet;


We are proudly part of a salon sustainability scheme where a company takes our (now) recyclable waste away to clean and recycle separately as mixed recycling just doesn't cut it for us!

 We can now recycle; Used & dirty hair foils, nail foils, PPE, LF covid tests, hair, gowns towels, left over hair colour, colour tubes, all plastic bottles etc... Click each of the following items to find out more.

- We use compostable towels & gowns

- We use as little paper marketing as possible without alienating our clients who are not online.

- We use compostable coffee pods for our coffee machine

- We offer oat milk & cows milk

- We stock Flora and Fauna Ethical Haircare products which are all a mixture of eco, cruelty free and vegan products.

- We use mostly vegan friendly hair products with some exceptions

- We use colours & products that are mostly nature led

- We actively seek to reduce the amount of landfill waste we end up with

- Our lighting are LED lights

- Our hot water & heating is generated by the earth approx 130m underground

- Our building is thermal meaning less need for heating & cooling

We are seeking ways to become more sustainable every day. If you have any recommendations that you think we could take on board we would be absolutely thrilled to hear from you. Please drop us an email with your recommendation here

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Events at Sage


Susan Brindley - Medium & Spirital Healer

Susan regularly works within Sage Hair Salon offering Medium Readings and Spiritual Healing sessions

Medium Readings £30

Spiritual Healing £40

Please book online here

Next Date: Sunday 20th Feb 2022