Not ready just yet to embrace the grey? we've got you covered. We have specially curated colours to help us create a bespoke tone & coverage formula for your hair. we will assess your hair and depending on how much grey is in the hair, we can add a little this and a little that to create a colour perfect for you & we will keep your greys a little salon secret for a little longer. Secrets safe with us! 

Fun Fact: Permanent hair colour was found and created in 1863 by a chemist and professor called William Henry Perkin who was actually trying to make a cure for malaria but instead, created the first hair dye. 

Science, Chemistry and hairdressing has come a very long since then. 


The information

Who is it for?

Grey coverage is for people who are not yet ready for whatever reason to embrace their grey hairs just yet. 

What to expect?

A full head application of permanent colour which will leave you with a high shine, rich and glossy hair colour.

Products used

Keune and Insight offer us a vast array of colours to use to create a bespoke colour just for you.


Permanent colour is in the name but you may get a little fading over time due to environmental factors, shampoo you use & heat you use. You will need a root colour done every 6-8 weeks and a refresh on the ends perhaps every other time.

After Care 

After care is a must for maintaining healthy, shiny and rich colours and we advise the tinta colour or colour brilliant shampoo and conditioner.

Heat protection

Sun UV protection if on holiday

Cost & Time in Salon

A full head application of colour & finishing takes around 90 mins

Prices starting from £51

Grey Root coverage can be added to most colouring services for £30

THE Consultation

At the consultation, we will discuss colours, coverage level, what to expect & aftercare. 

We will offer you a patch test if required.

Please feel free to provide us with photo as inspiration of the desired look. 

This can be booked as a package or with a cut, as well as a stand alone treatment. 

We offer standard colour consultations but we also offer hair advice consultations at £30 and can be redeemed on any products bought on the day.