Au Natural

Au Natural, show us what ya momma gave ya! Many clients of ours are really happy with their natural colour and haven't thought about colouring their hair. Most quite frankly don't want any upkeep or maintenance.  

This doesn't mean you can't have a little play around at home with silver saviour shampoo does it? 

When our hair is exposed to the weathers, sun in particular, it can sun-bleach our hair a little and expose the underlying pigment in the hair. This for a lot of people with natural grey hair is unfortunately, yellow!

Yellow & Purple are opposites of the colour wheel which mean they counteract each other to create a neutral colour - not yellow & not purple but just right!

The Silver Saviour range is actually bright purple but it doesn't tint the hair, just makes it cleaner and brighter.


The information

Who is it for?

Natural Grey lovers who dont want any upkeep on their hair but fancy brightening it up a little.

What to expect?

Silver shampoo will not change the colour of your hair but it will clean it up & stop it looking dull and yellow.

Products used

Silver saviour shampoo, conditioner and hair mask will work well together. A little goes a long way!


You should wash once a week or when needed with silver saviour shampoo. Perhaps a little more in summer and a little less in winter.

After Care 

None, just use once a week at home.

Cost & Time in Salon

Silver Saviour Shampoo is £15




Where can I buy?

You can purchase the Silver Saviour range from Sage Hair Salon. Please drop by the salon or email us with the order request & we can send a link for payment. We are happy to deliver for free in Lyneham.