Foilayage &

Most of the balayage's you see trending on instagram and Facebook are created using foils which is when balayage turns into foilayage.

This look can create ribbons of lightness and pockets of depth within the hair and it's a great way to get results fast!

Balayage is traditionally created using freehand sweeping motions with a clay based lightener but due to the lack of foils, it doesn't tend to lift super fast resulting in a sun kissed look. 


The information

Who is it for?

Foilayage or balayage is great for someone who wants a lived in blonde with roots to create a low maintenance, dimensional look that be versatile all year round.

What to expect?

All balayage services are packaged up with everything you need to walk away with healthy, beautiful hair. Including a balayage, cut, toner, root colour, blowdry & styling. 

Products used

We use a brilliant lightener called Power Blonde by Keune that really gives light results with a good canvas. We use Redken Shades EQ as our toner.


The toner will last 12-24 washes and can easily be topped up but the balayage/foilayage will last until it grows out. That being said, it can be covered too if needed.

After Care 

Colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Silver Saviour Shampoo & Conditioner once a week.

Heat protection

Sun UV protection if on holiday

Cost & Time in Salon

This can take around 5 hours so bring snacks & reading material although it does fly by!
Prices are from £231 

THE Consultation

At the consultation, we will discuss foil placement, toners, warm and cool tones, set expectations & aftercare. 

We will offer you a patch test if required.

Please feel free to provide us with photo as inspiration of the desired look. 

We offer standard colour consultations but we also offer hair advice consultations at £30 and can be redeemed on any products bought on the day.