Demi-permanent hair colour is great for adding gloss and shine to the hair. It refreshes tones and covers up to 50% of grey hair too. While it doesn't saturate grey hair, it can give them a glaze like finish. (see here for grey glazing)

Demi Colours are so versatile as it means you can change up the tone as your current colour fades so if you like to change your mind, this is for you. It also offers a diffused regrowth so no harsh lines.

The pit-falls of Demi colours are that they don't lift or make your hair lighter but they can make it darker.

Keune demi-permanent colours contain no ammonia, no PPD & are vegan and cruelty free.


The information

Who is it for?

Demi colours are good for people who like to change it up regularly, red one month & copper the next, people who want glossy hair and don't want grey coverage.

What to expect?

Demi colours fade out usually true to tone but leave your hair looking super glossy and rich.

Products used

We use Keune Demi Permanent colours and developer.


Fades true to tone & fades gradually over time. Lasts between 12-24 washes. However, it's important to follow prescribed aftercare.

After Care 

Colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Heat protection

Sun UV protection if on holiday

Cost & Time in Salon

Timing: 90 mins

Cost: From £51

THE Consultation

At the consultation, we will discuss colours, warm and cool tones, what to expect & aftercare. 

We will offer you a patch test if required.

Please feel free to provide us with photo as inspiration of the desired look. 

This can be booked with a cut as well as a stand alone treatment. 

We offer standard colour consultations but we also offer hair advice consultations at £30 and can be redeemed on any products bought on the day.