Most of us have heard of Olaplex but for those of you who haven't;

An Olaplex treatment is a bond building & restructuring treatment for the hair. 

A liquid similar to water consistency called Olaplex no.1, is mixed with warm water & poured over the hair. It's left to soak in for 5 minutes. Olaplex no.2, a cream version of no.1 is massaged into the hair focusing on the most damaged parts. 

It rebuilds like a strong internal glue to the hair and can be maintained using no.3 at home. 

A hair mask is then applied to work on smoothing down the cuticles to ensure that you not only have stronger hair but you have shiny hair. 


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The information

Who is it for?

Olaplex is a treatment for everyone. Especially helping those with particularly damaged hair or coloured hair.

What to expect?

You can expect stronger hair & softer hair too as we work on the inside and outside of the hair strand.

Products used

We use Olaplex no.1 and no.2 for an in salon treatment.


The effects and benefits of Olaplex last a while but should be maintained at home & regular in salon treatments for best results.

After Care 

Use Olaplex no.3 at home to keep bonds perfected

Cost & Time in Salon

Full treatment time 1 hour inc blowdry & priced at £41

Full treatment excl. a blowdry time 20 mins & priced at £31

Add on mini treatment (No.2) is 10 mins & priced at £15

THE Consultation

In a consultation or chat about using Olaplex, we will chat about how it works, expectations and maintenance bespoke to your own hair.

We offer standard colour consultations but we also offer hair advice consultations at £30 and can be redeemed on any products bought on the day.