Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
Image by Geordanna Cordero

Vivid & Pastel Colours

Vivid & Pastel colours never go out of fashion! The way you can use colour to express your mood, the seasons, your own creativity & confidence is a beautiful thing.

Colour is everything, its all around us and these kinds of colours can work on anyone as long as its the right colour & placement for the individual. 

So many of our clients think they can't possibly have any colour in their hair because they're past the age of 25. 

You can literally go as bright & bold or as subtle and calm as you feel you want to go. It doesn't mean you need to have an all over colour if you don't feel you want one. There are many techniques, placements & colours for everyone.

Wether you're 16 and just starting to explore hair colouring or 96 and fancy adding a pop of colour, we have something to suit everyone.